Zoom in/out from one object in scene?

I have several elements in a scene, and I’d like to zoom out from two of them, while leaving another intact. Can this be accomplished in TB4? I’m having trouble getting my head around the dynamic camera, but I’m not sure from its description that it would be able to do this, anyway.

Thanks much,

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish but I can tell you how to do it easily. For each of the elements you want to pull away from you will go to top view and move that element back in 3D space away from the camera. The element that you don’t want to zoom out from (I assume it is a foreground object next to the viewer or a view finder window like the cross hairs of a sniper scope.) Any way you just don’t move it in 3D space and its relationship to the camera is constant. If you want to do this zoom as a function of time then each of the elements you want to get smaller will need to be attached to a peg and the peg will contain a motion path which you will use to move the element along as it goes off into 3D space in Top view.

A second approach would be to attach the element you don’t want to move and the camera element to a common peg element , then when you move the camera back from the other elements your attached element moves with the camera and so it appears stationary.

I wrote a nice article about creating shots in a scene if you want some more details. -JK