zoom icon

Sorry to post so much - this is a little bug that I am sure can be fixed . When you click on a different panel in the timeline the zoom icons are always greyed out until you click in the drawing window . Its just an annoying extra click you have to do each time .

It may not be a bug. If you are moving to a new frame, chances are you have clicked in the timeline which means that the mouse (pointer) focus is no longer in the drawing panel but on the timeline. Clicking the zoom tools at this point would zoom the timeline rather than the drawing view.

thanks for the reply – that does apply in the timeline view granted and you do need to zoom in and out there .
. It doesn’t appear to be the case in the normal drawing view . there is nothing to zoom in on in the time line there . So all I am saying is could the default be set to ‘zoom tools on’ in drawing view . It seems to make sense .
thanks Dean

That’s not entirely true, sometimes when you have a very long sequence it can be a benefit to zoom-out on it for easier navigation along the timeline and to zoom back in for detailed manipulation.

Even when using the drawing view, there can be many drawings for the element in the drawing view (unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying, in which case please explain further).