zoom icon

Zoom icons in top bar grey out whenever _
1 a new panel is selected in timeline window
2 a new brush is selected in presets

Only way to bring it back is to click in the drawing window of the selected panel ( which creates a mark on the panel that I then have to delete before I can rescale the view.)

This bug has been with Storyboard pro forever- I cannot believe it hasn’t been fixed yet. Please fix .

this using imac ox10

Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the problem?
Also if possible list the exact version of the operating system
and the details of your graphic card.

If you need assistance with this, contact support.

Hi - tried adding a screenshot but there doesnt appear to be an option to add any attachment ( mac os10 - safari and chrome . )

If you don’t know how to find the graphic card info, contact
support to have a look on your system.