Zoom and Navigation function

In regards to navigation-functions in Toonboom Harmony.

*Zoom and Pan-around:
I believe I’m not the only one with this distressing issue.
It makes me loose a lot of production-speed/energy/artistic-flow, along with the many keyboard functions it takes up, as is requires so much effort to zoom.
Along with panning around on another keyboard-button, it becomes such an unnecessary effort just to navigate.

  • Is there a way to change the zoom function to work like in TvPaint for an example;
    Here you have one button (alt-key) plus the middle-mouse button, you can do everything you desire. Zoom (in plus out) and navigate. !!!

This is my least favorite thing about Toonboom, the only reason why I keep leaving the software! :’(
Best regards Troels

Hi Troels,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.


Troels, I am curious do you use a Wacom Tablet or Cintiq at all? I use the Intuos Pro Medium size tablet with the Art Pen and I have programmed the 8 buttons on the tablet and the Touch Ring as well as one button on the Art Pen for a Radial Menu.

Instead of me reaching for the keyboard to press Option + Command to rotate the view, I instead just press one button on the tablet which I have programmed for Option + Command. I have buttons set up for Spacebar (Pan), Full Screen (Option + F), Undo, Reset View, etc. In the Touch Ring I have Zoom View and Drawing Substitutions set up, etc.

The Radial Menu I have tools that I use frequently, like Pencil, Stroke, Paint, Cutter, Peg, Transform, Select, etc. I find that I spend less time having to reach for the keyboard or moving across the screen to press on the icon for a tool.

I know some people don’t like to use the buttons, touch ring, radial menu on Wacom’s products but I find they work well for me.

One thing, though, Marie-Eve, if the function or command is not in the first field of the Shortcuts window, then you can’t make a shortcut? I know some have asked if it was possible to make a shortcut for the Outline mode in the timeline instead of clicking on the box.

So, is that the way it works? It has to be in the list to be able to make a keyboard shortcut for it? But how is it decided what is in that list? Is there some way to add items, such as that Outline Mode to the list, to be able to make a shortcut?

Thank you Scungyho!
Great suggestions! And thank you for sharing!
I do indeed use the Wacom buttons and have a great load of Wacom equibment for that matter.
However, I find it very limited with only such few buttons, plus it is a really slow work flow, say that you need to do other task at the same time, beside Toonboom.

I have a very similar setup for my Companion,

But preferably I always use a keyboard.
I have a keyboard on top of my Cintiq and another one next to it, depending on what I do, and to maintain healthy and vary the body posistions.

!!!!* !!!!*
I believe you can work faster with the function suggested in this thread, also you will save your hands and brain power for the real matter - the art of animation.