Zombies!! animation short

Hi, this is a short animation about zombies, made entirely with ToonBoom Animate Pro, took me three months.
This is the first chapter in a series of animated short films for the use and enjoyment of adult staff, acid humor and absurdity.

Hope you like.

Zombies! - Tuttifrutti

FanTASTic! And funny! And … other stuff. :slight_smile: Did you storyboard it first? (It looks like you did a whole lot of straight ahead animation and I wonder how much easier Harmony would’ve made it.)

I have no feelings about zombies, one way or another (well, except that I don’t want to meet one. That’s less a feeling and more like a survival instinct, though.) ANYWAY, in spite of that, I just thought this such a cool zombie flick. Well done!

Quite funny. A mi me gustan los zombies.

Thanks a lot, your opinion are really important to me.
( I want to make clear that i changed to tradigital animation five months ago and takes some getting used)
First i made a fast storyboard to make a good staging.
Yes! you are right, it looks like a many straight ahead, but this is the first work i did with Toon boom Animate and yet i´ve to learn a lot about this software, i´ve to say that are really huge the possibilities of this program and i love it.
Me neither i have no feelings about zombies, but i think that they have a lot of posibilities inside 2D, not always they have to be dramatic, maybe funny?

Anyway, the work ahead will be better :slight_smile:

I liked your business a short clip but wonderful
hi I’m a new member of the Forum. And my name is angeli, I am 23 years old… I love drawing from childhood I want to develop my skills and creative in this wonderful program. thanks
These are some animated graphics that its currency

Enjoyed watching :slight_smile: Pretty cool and funny.