"Zero-out" size and position on a peg-bar


I am an animation student working on an indie short film with other students.
We had a problem while rigging our characters. Some of the rigs we made were not properly measured on the character line-up we made, so now these characters are, without transformations, slightly smaller than they should appear next to the other ones.

Now these are all vector-based, so we could just turn off the animate function and use the character’s master peg to resize the whole rig and it’d work just fine. The problem with this fix is that the master peg “remembers” how the character was created, and pressing R on it to reset it to “zero” returns the character to its non optimal size. I am looking for a way to have a “zero-out” of sorts after the manual resize, basically telling the master peg that these values are the new reset point - so that resetting the master peg won’t bring the rig back to the wrong size.

If this fix I’m proposing is non viable, is there any other solution I might use to salvage these rigs? They are fairly complex characters and I’d rather not have them be redrawn completely from scratch, even more so because most of them have just a minor discrepancy in size.

Thank you very much for your time!

Hello Marciparty,

Since this problem is a little more complicated (from your description) I’m going to recommend that you ask this question on our Community Discord Server, which you can find a link to here: https://discord.gg/syAjy4H

A lot of very talented people on the server can likely help you fix this and minimize your headache at the same time.