Zebtoonz 2011 Demo Reel

I just posted my latest demo reel from last year. I added a couple of things at the end which are from upcoming stuff I am working on. Hope you like it.


Hi Zeb
Have watched your reel 4 times now.
You have some really well functioning and effective solutions.
I could really need more of that.
Talked once with an animator making short episodes for a newspapers webpage. When asked how he could produce that much in a week , he told me he used a 5,5,5 technique puppet animation.
That to say 5 frames anticipation, 5 frames the action and 5 frames cushioning. Then he adjusted if needed.
Do you have some great tip to speed up a really slow animator?


Deadlines! When you gotta produce to meet a deadline it helps you focus and find solutions quickly in order to be on time. I find when I work on my own projects they sometimes get bogged down and “die of improvements.” Ha! Of course, another factor is having other projects you need to work on. As much as I hate pressure it really helps to keep things moving.

Aside from that, I think you just have to strive to keep things simple and find shortcuts. The more I animate the more I understand what I am doing and find ways to speed things up. I have Richard Williams Survival Kit for Animators at hand when I need solutions for various shots. I also study other peoples animation, frame by frame sometimes, to see how they do it and, if I like something, what is it that I like and how was it accomplished.

Deadlines, was not really what I hoped for.
I hate deadlines, but you are probably right.
Just don’t want to bring it with me into animation. Until now it has been a keen interest with no responsibility.
Maybe there are some middle roads here, between tight deadlines and no time limits. Have to think about that.


Sorry I took so long to reply. Wasn’t ignoring it! Just trying to find some time to post it cause I have been super super busy of late.

I wanted to say I have posted it on the createbetterflashanimation blog, with your freelancer thread.

If you want it taken down I will, but I figure any advertising is good :slight_smile:

Wonderful stuff, Zeb. I now think my demo reel is too long at 2 minutes.

Thanks, Justin! As for the length, it was short cause that was how long the track was–ha! My previous reel was 2 minutes which I think is a decent enough amount of time.

If you make it too long people might stop watching and not see the whole range of work.

if people like your real and want to see more you have the actual material :slight_smile:

nice, i like the reel and your art too. i would love to see you do frame by frame for a change, would you consider? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amin! Frame by frame? Ugh! Too much work! I’ve had to do it for some things–a book opening, etc.–but for the most part only have the time and patience for cutout But who knows? Maybe some day.