Z/X zoom in Timeline

Just dl’d 5.0 and it looks great. Line rendering in camera view seems improved over 4.5, very smooth.

That said, here’s a little nuisance I thought I ask about. Is there any way to disable the X and Z zoom in/out shortcut commands in the Timeline window? Obviously, it’s invaluable when working in drawing and camera views, however, I’d like it to continue to zoom in camera and drawing mode WHILE I’m tinkering in timeline. Now, I have to click back into camera/drawing to zoom and if pencil or brush is selected, I can inadvertently make a mark in a frame that I may fail to delete. Also, I simply don’t need to zoom the Timeline window often enough to have it respond to the Z/X commands. If I need to zoom that window, I can use the slider at the bottom.

So, in other words, I’d like the Z and X shortcut commands to only work in the Camera/Drawing window - at all times. Zooming in the other windows is seldom needed and redundant zoom features are easily accessed.

Is there a way to do this? And am I the only one who’d like to hit Z or X and not see the Timeline window zoom?

You’re not alone! I, too would like the zoom confined on the drawing/camera window and certainly not on the timeline! ;D

I suspect this functionality won’t get changed soon if at all, so here is a tip on giving focus to a pane without accidentally making unintentional changes to that pane. On the side of each pane there are “elevators” for scrolling the screen up and down or sideways. In the center of either elevator track there is a rectangular shape slider handle. Just click on either slider handle (vertical or horizontal) and the pane gets focus. You transfer focus and you don’t risk changing the contents of the pane. -JK