Z Order not followed in Drawing View


I’ve drawn a character with three Drawings, Head, Eyes and Mouth. I’ve created a hierachy by making the Mouth and Eyes as children of the Head. I’ve then changed the “Z order” or Z Offset so that the Head is at 0F and the Mouth is at 0.1F and the Eyes are also at 0.1F

Now when I view on the Camera view all is well, the Mouth and Eyes are shown in front of the Head. However when I switch back to the Drawing view to modify the drawing the Mouth and Eyes are drawn behind the Head. This makes it difficult to change the drawing.

How can I get the Drawing view to obey the Z Offset so that the Drawings are shown in the correct order?

Regards, Jon

Hi Jon,

Be aware that the Drawing view does not have any concept of 3D space, so it is normal that in the drawing view you will not see element layered properly. The drawing view is basically isolating drawings to have a clearer view on that element.

If you want to draw with the Z Offset being activated you will need to draw inside of the Camera view. If elements are in the way you will need to disable some of them.

Best regards,