Z-depth render

So ive been using toonboom for a while now and with the udates to all the 3d mechanics i think that a zdepth output would be fantastic!
its already in the render viewe as the “z-depth view” and i might just be missing it but i cant find any way to utilize it. Id love to have a z-depth node wich outputs iether black ans white or maybe even transperent and wite, i can think of so many uses for it!
If this is already a feature id love if someone enlightned me.

let me know what you think!

You could export to DTEX or EXR bitmap (drawing) sequence which are the two formats
that contain depth buffer information. Then import it into a program such as Nuke to use it.

If you just want the image of the Z-Depth view you could always expand the Camera window
and make a screenshot.

I’m curious to know how you are thinking of using this.

Yeah if i wanted to get it into another program that would be a great way to do it BUT it would be great to have it in toonboom sense there is were im doing most of my effects.

So for example:

If you have a black (far) and white (close) z depth node, you could add that with a darken blending mode on top of a layer that has been positioned in 3d space. This would darken everything far away and get get brighter as it got closer to the camera. Now if you use this as a mask for a saturation node you can create atmospheric depth like in blender or any other 3d program.

This could also be made by having an external focus point like in the focus node. So you can just measure the distance to the camera and apply that to values in a node, so the further away the camera is the less saturated the image gets.

How do you get a Write node to output the Z buffer? I tried it and it seems to only kick out RGBA.

Is there anything special I have to do?