Z-Depth is nudging when pressing arrow keys


I have the focus on the camera window and when I try to nudge a selected peg up or down, it also nudges its z-depth and often goes behind or in front of other assets.

Sometimes it happens and sometimes not, so I’m wondering what could possibly be causing this. Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the help, I figured out a simple enough fix.


I fixed that by habilitating the “No Z Depth” button on my camera view.

  • Activate it: >Windows>Toolbars>CameraView
  • Then over the Camera view toolbar press Right click, then select “Customize”.
  • In the “Toolbar Manager - Camera View” window select the “No Z Depth” button from the “Available Tools” frame.
  • Clich the middle “Right Arrow Button” to pass this new tool to your current “Toolbar” Tools.
  • Now you can activate or deactivate the hability to move your drawings over Z values.

I hope it works for you!

See ya!