For some reason I can not seem to nudge items while working inside the symbols. Everything moves fine on the time line but I’m trying to make some patch articulations and they don’t seem to want to move in the z-space. It doesn’t happen all the time because I was able to do it on one part… Do I need to save and reopen? Any one else have this issue or know how to fix it? It is driving me crazy ??? :o


From what I am understanding of your issue, I think that you are actually nudging it on the Z axis but your remain in the symbol.
To see the result you need to exit the symbol and go back to the Root timeline.

When inside a Symbol, you cannot fully see its interaction with the other elements of the scene.

It is a little annoying, but you have to nudge it then exit the symbol to see the result.

Is it what you were doing already?


Thanks Marie. :slight_smile: the problem was While in the symbol it wouldn’t move on the z axis. I even would try to move it left and right just to see if it was working but nothing… BUT… I figured it out. For some reason it wouldn’t move if I made the selection in the timeline, I actually have to select the item I’m moving on the scene.

Sounds so simple you would think I would of figured it out before I posted the question lol. Thanks anyway ;D



So it was a Focus issue. :slight_smile:
Indeed you have to make sure the Red box is around the view you want to be working in for the shortcut to work.

It is a very common mistake. :slight_smile: