Z depth and backgrounds

Hi, I tweened a hand going back in space and at like -2 z depth. But now it goes behind my background so I can no longer see it! My background is on the layer underneath so I’m thinking how is this possible?

So then I realized that it was because of the depth. So I took the background and z nudged it back - 3… but this SHRINKS the the background. An effect I do not want.
Is there a work around for this?

There is a tool which allows you to move it back in Z and keep the same relative side on the overhead view where you are looking top down on the scene.

Also when you nudge things like hands I would use a far smaller value like 0.01. That keeps all of your character close together so if you want one character walk behind another you can just move the peg a little and not have him/her wallk “through” the middle of the character.

The tool is called Maintain Size and you can use it in the Top view for example to move the BG back without visual effect in the Camera view. You can find that tool in the Advanced Animation toolbar.

As TheRaider says you can do micro change of Z by holding down Alt and using the Up/Down keys to move your layer in minute values.

thank you i was on the train and couldn’t remember the name :slight_smile: