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I am a toon boom harmony user at work who has decided to try out the toon boom ANIMATE ple version before I buy. I’m finding that I can’t nudge objects in the z axis in this version of the program. I’ve been using harmony for over a year and when i want to micronudge in the z axis i simply use the alt+up and alt+down shortcuts. In ANIMATE ple this doesn’t do anything. Is there something I’m not aware of? I’m using the default shortcut keys but i can’t get it to work.

Can anybody suggest anything?



I had trouble with nudging too. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not.
This just saved my life yesterday.


"Just make sure that the focus (red outline) is around the camera view when you try to nudge with the transform tool. Sometimes what happens is you select the layer in the timeline and then the focus is still around the timeline when you try to nudge - in this case a nudge won’t work. You can click in the grey space next to the “Camera” tab at the top to get the focus back in the camera view, or you can hold down spacebar and click to get the focus back in the camera view. Or there’s a “Focus on Mouse Enter” option in the Preferences that will let the focus follow your mouse."

Thanks alot but this can’t be the issue as I’ve already selected Focus on mouse enter in the preferences. The camera view is red i’m hitting alt+up/down and nothing, nadda, zip.

Still stuck, i shall muse for a while before i blame the computer.

Any other thoughts


open up the shortcuts (in preferences), find it in the short cuts and make sure it hasn’t been changed to something else.

I checked the shortcuts and it says they’re fine.

I’ve reinstalled twice but no joy

thanks anyway

I would try to look at it from the Top View to see if maybe it is miles behind another piece

hey all,

thanks for the ideas. I have checked the top view but i’ve also tried just opening a new scene and then selecting with the transform tool straight away so i’m sure the 2 shapes are 1 nudge away from each other…nothing!

I am using the transform tool (the square dotted icon located next to the animate on/off button)

I think my graphics card is NVIDIA geforce 8400M GS but this may be wrong (i’m a little out of my depth as soon as i’m not in animation software when it cones to computers)

I am at a loss. I contacted tech support and francois booted up PLE and did a test and it was fine. But not for me


I’m sure you know this already as a Harmony user but you have selected the layer with the Transform tool, right, and not the select tool?

What’s the graphics card on your computer?


All I would suggest is make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date. From there on I’ll let you continue debugging with Francois.