Z-Axis Values

I’m constantly screwing up my depth relationships,
because I’ll set a drawing at one z value and its peg
at a different one. What happens when you do that?
Do you add the two values together to find the z value
your drawing is actually at? Or does one negate the other?
~ Justin

One can set the Position for the Drawing-Peg and the attached Drawing individually.

In the Timeline open the Data-View, the Drawing-Peg and the Drawing.
You will see in Position: Path the exact position x, y, and z.

Open the Top- or Side-View, then in the Timeline mouth-over the x, y, z values
and drag left or right, either in the drawing-Peg or Drawing and watch the position change
in either Top- or Side-View.

Should everything be screwed-up, you might have to reset all values to “0”.


They do indeed just add the z values together.

There is purpose to this.

Say you set a character up and nudge some layers in the z axis. Now when you move the master peg evertything stays relative.

My rule is keep the setup on the drawings, animation on the pegs.

Exactly - the drawing will inherit whatever was given to it from the peg, and add this to anything that’s been done on the drawing layer. For this reason, it’s probably easier to keep the peg and the drawing at the same z-depth.