Z-axis problem. charachter appear in perspective view behind cube but not same in camera view or render view!

I have a worrying problem: I was creating a cube by drawing layers and I enabled the 3d to them, the Camera View window is still there but everything inside in the cube. It appears in front as I mentioned in the pictures attached in this topic.

This worries me a lot as I had just spent most of the day looking for a solution but I can’t find anything, I used toon boom harmony 20 premium

Help would be much appreciated.


thanks a lot for your reply

I want my camera view to be like the perspective view because I organize the z-axis of the character and the walls too of the cube but not appear in the camera view even that the

character is near to yellow wall it still in camera view in front of the red wall

What is your question?

The two images you posted are consistent. One does not contradict the other. In one image you see inside the cube looking from above. In the other image you are seeing through the red wall of the cube as though it were transparent. All colors are muted by the red panel.

Do you want everything outside the cube?

If so, one way is to move the cube using a Top View window.

Would you be able to send this project file to me?

I would like to look at it carefully.

If that idea is OK with you let me know and we can figure out a way to get the file to me.