Z-axis nudging not in the camera view

Hello there!

I have a character’s head and I want to nudge the eyes (child of head) on the z-axis forward.
In the perspective view and the top view it works, but the camera always shows me the head in front of the eyes.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!



Which version do you use?

If you use premium it’s easy to fix this in the node view but I remember this problem happing now and then when using Avanced.

Could you send a screenshot?

It’s the advanced version - no nodes…

How can I attach an image here? (sorry for the stupid question)

For some reason you can only attach an image to your first message,
otherwise you have to link to a dropbox or similar.

/ Mattias




I remember having this problem but I do not remember an general sollution on this.

I see that you dont have pegs on the image layers. Its often good to have a peg on each image layer. then you can do the transformation on the pegs and use the image layer to the substitutions.

I dont know if adding pegs would solve the problem.

Sorry for not having a good idea how to solve this.

Adding pegs doesn’t work either.

But thanks for your time!


Send a mail to soonboom support and you can send them the file and the can hopefull come with a sollution.


I hope you solve it.

I found the problem.

The color filling of the head was on the Lineart layer, not on the Color layer.

Thank you nevertheless!

Great that you solved the problem.
These are the things that make you learn the software better.

Good luck with the work!

…same thing again.

With the head I got it solved, but now I have the same issue with all the other bodyparts.
This time I made sure that all line- and color art elements are on the right layer.
But again, only in the top or perspective view I can see the right order, not in the camera view or renderings!

You don’t get into a good workflow that way…


Another thing - maybe there’s a correlation?

I the perspective view I have no x,y,z handles (advanced animation tools).
I can only tranlate/rotate in x and y.
I top view I can move on the z-axis.

Any idea?


Hello There! Any success?

I am having the same issue, actually, every time i try to Z nudge elements so they appear in front or backwards of any other element, things just does not work.
I already tried to node elements in the same composition to see if it would work, but unsucessfully.

Is there a way i could simply Z nudge so the elements would always respect the value? or am i missing something? The node position, or layer position seems to be the only thing that command properly the perspective, with no Z nudge solution to the elements position.