Youtube .mov Scene and Export Settings


I’m looking for your opinions on the best settings for an export to Youtube direct from Animate2 without going through an intermediate video editor. Assume the movie will be a single scene about 3 minutes long. I’ve looked at the web and found plenty of interesting information and I am conducting my own experiments. However, I wanted to check with the ToonBoom experts. The opinions I would like are on:

1) Optimum Scene Resolution
2) Optimum "Movie Options"

Thanks for any thoughts.


Well YouTube’s recommended scene format is HD 1280 x 720.

As for the movie options, you’ll have to experiment to find out which codec is going to work the best for you. You can export a movie with any codec really, and when you upload it to YouTube they will process it again to compress it further. I know that a lot of people use the H.264 codec so you might want to give that one a try.