YouTube - Export Settings

I’m trying to improve the render quality of animation on my YouTube channel. I can find many other animations there that are far cleaner and stream without freezing. If you want to see my movies they are here:

I’ve read other TBS threads, and tried the recommended 2000KBps and H.264 compression, but this was re-coded by You Tube - making the movies jumpy (frames missing).

The movies are made in TBS4 with Wav sound. They are first exported using the Quicktime Animation render with no compressions. I then re-export them from Quicktime with the following settings: Video - H.264 at 338 KBps and Frame Re-ordering. Audio - AAC at 128 KBps.

However, when uploaded as .mov the YouTube delivery rate is slower than the playback time - so I get freezes. I have therefore opted to convert them to .flv files using VisualHub with the Standard setting.

Although the movies stream well, they are far more blotchy and blurred than other animations that stream ok.

Any suggestions of preferred settings or other software will be appreciated.

Please have a look here:


This has nothing to do with your settings, but if you want to see your videos in better quality on you tube, add the following to the end of the url:


Not sure how or why this works & I actually just found out about this today, but hope it helps.

Thanks for the replies. I looked at the kenstone page regarding You Tube redux. But when I upload an H.264 .mov file using the suggested settings I still get missing frames - or more precisely, the movie becomes more like a storyboard - one static frame paused then jumping 9 or so frames to another paused frame. The only good thing being the sharper image compared to my .flv movie.

Maybe my frame rate is a problem? I made the movie with 18 fps. Has anyone else made a movie with less than 30 0r 24 fps and uploaded it to YouTube - and gotten a reasonable image and smooth stream?