Your Timeline and Interface

Download the latest version of Macromedia’s Flash, and study it’s interface. How easy and automatic the timeline is. How beautifully well thought out and instant the interface makes everything. The way the program automatically does lots of annoying little things that you’d never want to do yourself. Then copy it exactly. The interface/user friendly-ness of Toon Boom is sickeningly bad, especially when you are used to flash. Macromedia has perfected the art of great animation interface. Use it!
So far the only thing Toon Boom has impressed me with is the camera and the automatic lip-sync, and the auto lip sync is cancelled out by how horribly long it takes me to figure out how to do editing on what I’ve already animated.
I just downloaded your demo recently to see what other animations programs were like, so I haven’t learned how do do everything that I can do in flash yet, but so far its been severely hard to learn.
So my first suggestion means: put more work into the interface.
My second suggestion is to put more work into your help file, fill it in more, and make it utterly comprehensive.

I’d like to apologize.
I am sorry for being so heated. TBS obviously has some amazing features and capabilities. I was just a little frustrated when I wrote that. And there is much about the program I am actually impressed with.
But I still stand by the suggestions that maybe an easier-access/modern interface would help. And the help file definitely needs to be more in depth.
As well as improving on the export options for flash and the import capabilities from flash.

Hi Razas,

Thank you for posting your comments. We are actually working on the interface and every comments posted are taken in consideration when time comes to select new features.

Best regards,


Lol Razas just needed to get some stress off your chest.