Your idea's on how to make universal wall templates?

Hi guys,

I want to hear your idea’s on how you create wall templates. The only requirement i have is that all walls need to have the exact same line thickness! Idealy it also satisfies the following needs:

- You can change the dimensions of a wall or wall part with only 1 action per axis (and the line thickness stays EXACTLY the same)
- You have the ability to put doors and windows or other wall features in any place of the wall (using a peg)

Any suggestion will do, as long as you’re not drawing anything over and over again.

Thanks in advance

I used pencil lines, could you please read my topic where i show what i tried but resulted in a possible huge bug in the software:;action=display;threadid=3530

If you want the line thickness to be the same, just make sure you’re using pencil lines (pencil tool, line tool, polyline tool, ellipse tool, rectangle tool).