You would think by now .....

… the hardware would get to where I imagined it would be a decade ago.

What am I talking about … tablets …yep tablets.

When I got my first Intuos years ago I felt that by now we would have machines like the Cintiq …that wasn’t tied to anything …for relatively cheap/affordable prices.
I wouldby now be able to whip that thing out …power it up …launch TBS or Photoshop …and effortlessly draw to my heart’s content without having a need to tie it to something else!!

How long ago have we been introduced to the old clunky Intuos that are just dumb drawing papers that must be tethered to your machine to work? And for the average Joe …a $2000 Cintiq was out of reach…and it still was a dumb machine (albeit better) that couldn’t function on it’s own!

How many out there have tried Tablet PC’s …and still find them wanting …I have!! For Artists out there …what we have today …basically existed 15 years ago!!!

And look what happened now…the word …“tablet” …have come to mean something completely different to the current generation who regard this as one of Apple’s latest IPOD …whiz bang “thingy”.

Good grief! ::slight_smile: