You need to fix the FBX import ( and allow for more kinds of 3D object file types

Seriously. The only file that works with SBPro and Harmony is an FBX 2012. How in the world would anyone know that you’d have to go into maya, change your FBX file to 20912, and re-import it. that’s stupid.

Also, add some way to render nodes INSIDE ToonBoom. Having to rely on maya sucks and it doesn’t always work I spend more time fighting to get a simple 3d render than actually y know, making work

I think you may be better off rendering the scene first into images or video and just combine 2D animation with the render in some video editor

What Miu3 is referring to is a feature new to Harmony 16:

Importing and Rendering 3D Models in Harmony

You can now import, rotate and scale a 3D model and then convert to a 2D image directly in Harmony 16.
Reposition your 3D model and convert to 2D as many times as you want, for better workflow and better 2D-3D integration.
Eliminate the need to depend on third-party 3D software to render 3D models into 2D for use in Harmony.
Convert 3D sets or props to 2D to use in the scene or as a drawing reference.
Render 3D models to 2D for faster interactive and playback performance.

Here is the link to the documentation of this feature:

Here is the link to the tutorial on how to work using this feature:

However, with the 3D object to 2D layer render, you will not be able to do camera moves. It is a static background view of your 3D object.

So, it would be better to render out your background images in the 3D software to get camera movements and also, you will be able to setup your materials and/or toon render the images and import into Harmony.

I don’t know why TB staff is pushing the “eliminate other software” mantra, when clearly you will need to rely on other 3D software to render 3D objects correctly or in a manner you desire.