You have use 0 conversion out of 5?

Please Toonboom, please clear this up for me.

On the conversion page which doesn’t seem to work at all, it says You have use 0 conversion out of 5?

Does this mean we can only convert 5 TBAnimatePro2 projects to Harmony?

What do we do after the 5 are up, do we then pay for a conversion, I did not read of this and I was not told of this while asking about upgrading to Harmony.

Contact Sales here:

Someone suggested that the limit on conversions is to encourage people to upgrade so people do not use older versions then have one person with Harmony 12 convert everything when needed.

It may be possible to have TB convert files after the 5 are used.

The time involved is inconvenient. I had thought it would be immediate when the head of Sales Bob Bennett first mentioned the conversion software here on the user forum. He did not mention a limited number of conversions.