You can't animate a polygon's vertexes in Harmony?

Hello, I’ve installed the trial version of Harmony and I’m testing it trying to animate a simple polygon’s vertexes, but I can’t find a way to do it.
Other programs allow to grab a vertex and move it around in a new keyframe, but you can’t do this in Harmony because it’s modifying the drawing in all the frames.
How do you leave the vector drawing mode and enter the vector animation mode? I couldn’t find any info on this.
How can you draw a pentagon and just move one or two of its vertexes around? This is what I wanted to do as a test. Is it only possible with workarounds?
Thank you.

The short answer is no, Harmony doesn’t work like that. But, you can achieve similar results via the Envelope deformer even though you can’t actually animate the drawing vectors. In Toon Boom interpolation animation works on a different level of the drawings. The drawings are a bit like static entities that are affected by animation layers or pegs, but the drawings themselves are only changed by drawing tools (as in traditional animation) not animation tools (mostly used for cut-out animation). This is a bit simplistic and might sound strange for someone coming from software that works in a totally different way and not knowing much about Toon Boom, so I’d suggest reading introductory materials and/or watch videos via the Lean portal here:

If you want to animate shapes, check the Deformer chapters, especially the Envelope deformer. It should do what you want, it just doesn’t work on the drawings themselves:

(Note that the Envelope deformer can only be created in Harmony Premium.)

Luis Canau