For those working on Mac…

Has anyone updated to the new Yosemite OSX?

When Mavericks was released I updated to that and Harmony was a complete mess and had to downgrade back to Mountain Lion.

Support says “We also just have noticed the icon issue in the Time Line. We are currently working on this and hopefully, we are addressing this issue near future patch.” You can still use the network view to see layers disabled/enabled.

Yes, I updated to the new Yosemite OSX. Harmony 11 seems to work. However I only opened some projects an tried some small things. Haven’t made a new project yet…

Greetings from Holland


discovered no issues so far with Harmony 11 after updating to Yosemite

The enable/disable layer in the timeline view is not displaying properly (check box) so I must use the network view.

Finally, I installed Yosemite myself too and no issues so far.

It is true that the layer checkbox in the timeline is hardly visible. Apart from that, everything seems to work ok.

Thanks for the feedback!

Wondering if anyone has tried Animate Pro 2 with Yosemite? I never upgraded to Mavericks for fear of issues but don’t want to miss this update as well.

We update a couple of our machine to Yosemite and there seems to be an issue with Deformers. There seems to be a threshold for the handles. If one were to shorten the handle, while animating, past a certain point, the handle will pop back to specific length. Presumably, it’s popping to the shortest distance allowed.

We’ve tried remaking the deformer on the Yosemite machine and the problem remains. We’ve also opened the “problem rig” on out Maverick machines and the problem is not there. We’re all running Harmony 10.3 and most of us are on OSX Mavericks.

Has anyone else experienced this or have another thought on the matter?

According to the latest Toon Boom newsletter #93 (11/21/14)

All Software Now Compatible with Yosemite

All Toon Boom software is now compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite. If you already own Toon Boom Studio, Animate, Animate Pro, Storyboard Pro, or Harmony, log into your user account and re-download the software.



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