Yosemite + TBSP 1.5 w. dongle: fixed

No thanks to Toon Boom support who I never heard back from - I’m here to help you if you’ve been unable to launch Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 1.5 on Mac Yosemite because the program doesn’t recognise your dongle.

Download this driver: http://www.hremresearch.com/Eng/HASPDownload.htm

Run it, and you should be able to get the computer to recognise the driver.

If the O/S doesn’t want to install it because it’s from an unrecognised developer, go into System Prefs > Privacy and check ‘open apps from anywhere’ (or similar).

Hey … I got SB pro 4,1 and I just tried what u mentioned but no luck… I installed the driver but is not recognising the software and when I launch it kind of wants to open but then the whole interface is off unless I bring it with toggle full screen… how did u manage to solve ur issue? thanks!

Sadly, on my Mac Pro this solution did not work out. BUT: this was working for me. i discovered it yesterday by a lucky accident.


by the way, TB Support also never answered me, when i asked them about this problem. i wrote them at least 5 times. it´s a shame.

How did you contact them?
Did you check your SPAM folder?