yosemite mac cintiq 21ux SBPRO4.1

Ok just upgraded to yosemite on old mac pro ( from lion)

1 SBPRO 4.1 seems fine except my realistic preview while drawing is now so laggy its making it difficult to draw . ( this is the option in advanced pref which allows you to colour behind your lines real time) massively reducing my workflow .

2 Cintiq driver has gone and no driver available. Pen still works but no options to recalibrate etc. This might be a wacom problem and I have already sent email to them . Any one else found this problem and maybe found a solution?

extra note - mac running on solid state with 14 gb memory so i don’t think its hardware .

I’ll keep posting till someone reads this .
The lag happens when I draw a long continuous line . It can get up to 4 /5 seconds behind which is making it impossible to work . I have upgraded wacom drivers .
Any suggestions.?

I just got a cintiq and SBP…running 10.8.5, but maybe its the same problem: Laggy at first, but then I turned off all of the “ink” preferences I could in the Mac OS. Handwriting recognition, etc. Now the Cintiq response seems acceptable.

good luck!

Curious have you re-downloaded and installed the latest version of the TB software?

This was a requirement when TB announced compatibility with Yosemite.

Thanks for the replies - I just turned off Ink in prefs . I thought for a moment it was going to work - then the lag started again.
I have just bought the latest SBpro 4.1 so I am up to date . today the program has now also decided to stop exporting Quicktimes.

time to get in touch with Toon boom again I think .


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