Yosemite/Audio tracks/ cannot determine audio format

Good day! The problem is with the latest OS from Apple and toonboom Storyboard Pro 4.1. Whenever I try to add or delete a panel with a soundtrack unlocked (multiple sound clippings on it), a window pops up telling me that TBSpro “cannot determine audio format of sound file, failed to read sound format for,…”. Sounds have been imported as .wav files, they are all audible in TBSpro. Each and every time I move one panel, this window pops up again and I have to clic on OK to make it go. Is there a way to correct that behavior? Please help, I’m going crazy!


With Apple, a safe philosophy to follow is skip the main upgrades and wait for the updates. Yosemite is OS X 10.10? Wait for 10.10.x (I would wait until after a 2nd revision is released). There are always incompatibility issues with major upgrades. Give everyone on both ends a chance to uncover and work out the bugs.

I realize you are reporting a bug as well as hoping for assistance with a solution.

Yep, that was a report on bug AND seeking help on advices for resolution of this problem. Any idea?