Ok, now that customer service resolve my license issue …and I have TBS running on my new build:
Quad Core I5
16 GB mem
250 GB SSD
2G Nvidia Graphics

First a little history on this.

I initially bought one of the very first cheap intuos Tablets (back in the day). These had a glass nib, and the surface was a also glass. It was so slick I had to place a sheet of paper between the two just to get some tracking…this soon because a coffee coaster.

Then I bought a Gateway tablet…remember them? They tried to use an alternative Wacom driver…and worked for a while …but this soon fizzled.

Then I bought a later version Intuos, much better than the first but the hand-to eye coordination thing with drawing while looking at a monitor …I just couldn’t hack it. This then became another coffee coaster.

Then I bought the baby Cintiq…good tablet, I played with it for 2 days but then I boxed it up and sent it back for a full refund. Why? The big thick, inflexible cables for such a small tablet was too much to deal with.

Then I bought another Computer Tablet from HP, they too used an alternative driver to Wacom…good…but some lag, screen a bit small and the processing power had limitations. I still have that today and use it as a laptop where it really shines, so not sorry I got it.

Then I bought a Yiynova 10" tablet, played with it for a day and subsequently boxed it up and returned it. Why…great tablet but the drawing surface was way too small. And because it’s not an Intuos where you look away from the drawing surface …that thing would quickly give me a headache.

Now I got the MSP19U, and this is surely a keeper!! First thing you notice un-boxing this baby is …it’s not cheap or cheesey looking, you’re getting a decently constructed equipment. With TBS, no lag…like pencil on paper. I was worried about the general complaint about the offset between the cursor and the nib because of the thick glass, and I won’t second guess those critiques. It all depends on how you intend to use it, for me however not a problem, and I’ll only adjust to this more over time.

Now, pay no attention to those critiques coming from Cintiq owners…see…those people need to justify why they payed $2000 more for pretty much the same equipment. Yes, just ignore the suckers. This folks is what you’ve been waiting for, grab it while you can.

BTW, do not get the first generation MSP19 for $100 less, I understand they have some issues thats now resolved with the MSP19U.