Yiynova MSP19U (pen tablet monitor)

Hi! I bought the Yiynova tablet monitor, and I’m happy with it. The only problem I have is with the brush sensitivity when using Storyboard Pro. There’s no thick/thin, it’s just one thickness. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to fix it?


I just ordered this Tablet after reading all the reviews. I am buying it to use it primarily with Storyboard Pro as well although I hear that Pressure sensitivity is an issue.

I will test it with Toonboom Software and post a video when I get it.

Check out this these threads https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/general-discussion/yiynova-msp19u-pen-tablet-monitor


I had no pressure sensitivity in Animate Pro 2 running on Mac OSX but the MSP19U worked beautifully with Windows on my bootcamp partition. I’ve now upgraded to Animate Pro 3 and I am delighted to report that I have FULL pressure sensitivity on my Mac. I am soooooo happy :slight_smile:

KimR, are you working on a Mac or PC? Have you installed the latest driver from yiynovas website?