Yiynova MSP19U (pen tablet monitor)

For anyone that is interested, the Yiynova MSP19U is a 19" interactive pen display that is similar to the Wacom Cintiq. The huge difference is in the price. The 22" Wacom Cintiq retails for $1999 and the Yiynova MSP19U sells for $569 on Amazon. I ordered one for an early Christmas present to myself. I just hope it works well with ToonBoom. Definitely a steal at this price for what you get. :slight_smile:

Written Review:
::slight_smile: MSP19U Review

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BTW, there are 2 models the MSP19 and MSP19U. They both are for Mac and Windows even though on the website they are pushing the 19 for Windows and the 19U for Mac’s. The 19U has the newer drivers that fixed some jitter problems experienced on the MSP19 model. In other words regardless of which operating system you run, Mac or Windows, the MSP19U is what you want to purchase even though it is a little more expensive then the MSP19. At least that is what has been explained to me so far.

Just went online to Amazon and I see the tracking states it is now in the custody of my local UPS facility so being closed for Thanksgiving that means I will be receiving it on Black Friday!

BTW, I looked at the Amazon store today and it looks like they are going to sell out for the holidays; only 3 left! :-\

Let us all know how it works with Toon Boom. Will you be using it with Animate or Harmony?

I’ll be using it with Animate 2. I saw your review using the Cintiq about a year ago and I wish I could afford it. This is within my reach so I jumped on it.

Definitely let us know how it works with Animate, I was thinking of getting a Kingtee 19MA which a good friend of mine just got about a month ago, and he says it works well with Toonboom. Pressure sensitivity is pretty good. It goes for $850 but $200 or so less is even better.

Looks interesting! Another low cost alternative to the Cintiq. I watched a couple of reviews on YouTube but the link to Amazon one reviewer gave proved to be of concern. Apparently Amazon has stopped carrying it and states they don’t know when and if they will resume. There also doesn’t seem to be any recognized distributor like Panda City in the US so technical support if anything goes haywire can prove to be difficult. The good news is that if you are interested in purchasing one for a few hundred less I found a couple of retailers that are selling them… :wink:

Architects Corner

Carpe Diem Store

I did like the idea of the rechargeable pen and it even looks slimmer then the Yiynova but it looks like the charge only last about a day. I assume batteries will last weeks.

Oh Nice thanks, they have Fed Ex Store pickup option, which is Free. The difference was only $50 in the store I was looking at but I guess shipping from China was adding an extra $200 bills, so yeah this is a ton of savings, THANKS!

Have also noticed that you can actually rotate the entire screen, how cool is that?

Your quite welcome!

I don’t know about rotating the screen as the stand looks identical to the Yiynova and you can’t swivel or rotate the screen. Some software lets you rotate the screen, perhaps that is what you saw. Also a word of caution, I read a comment to one of the YouTube reviewers asking for help because she was starting to experience horrible line jitters. This was a major problem with the MSP19 model as well. Yiynova has changed the digitizer and drivers in the MSP19U model and this has since gone away. I suspect that this may be the same problem she is describing. The specs on both appear to be identical so they’re probably using the same components with some minor tweaks.

Dang! Amazon is SOLD OUT!

The good news is that mine arrived today but I won’t have time to play with it till this weekend. :smiley:

According to this video on Youtube the Display does Rotate ( about 1:40 ) I know some software lets you rotate the screen like all of Toonboom’s software 8), but not all of them, so it would come in handy in some cases, Either way I think it is a cool feature, plus you can adjust the angle with a lever underneath or on the bottom. I am not sure that you can do that with the Cintiq.

Of course if I had Cintiq money I would buy one but this is not a bad alternative at all.

Your right the video does show a different stand then what the current models are showing. That video is a year old so either they no longer have the rotating stand or the pictures in the stores are wrong.

Good News! The tables are back in stock at Amazon.

The Bad News…I have been told that that the price is going up after Jan 1.

Well the tablet finally arrived last week but I have very busy since its arrival. I did manage to set it up and test it out on a couple of programs briefly. Photoshop CS6 worked great. I had full pressure sensitivity and variable line width. On Sketchbook Pro I had great pen function and line flow without any lag but no pressure sensitivity functions. It may be that it does no support them as I didn’t see any table setting options or settings on the various tools for variable line width.

From all i’ve seen and read this really looks grand!
Is there anyone trying it with Harmony?

For anyone concerned about this table, don’t be. I have Animate 2 and it works flawlessly. I’ve had the tablet since May and no issues whatsoever.
I don’t have any experience with the Cintiq or any other tablet so I can’t compare but I am very happy.
As far as price, I did a lot of searching including Amazon and ended up finding it on another site for $400 ($419 w/ shipping).

Anyways, I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread because at the time I purchased mine there wasn’t much info about it.

Hope this helps.


Just read a review on this tablet which is worth reading for anyone considering this device.


Just read a review on this tablet that is very good.


Edit: Hmmm, this comment got accidentally posted twice and there is no way, it seems, to delete it. Sorry about that! :frowning:

Tried it in Flash and it works like a dream.

Obviously I’ve moved on to toon boom. While trying this on animate pro 2, the tablet does not work at all. You’ll be able to get a stroke or two with the brush then it just doesn’t work. Real weird and disappointing.

I emailed support and they’re very quick to respond.

Hopping to get this resolved asap because I bought this because of wanting to use it in animate pro 2.

Hope someone can add to this.

Someone in this thread said that the tablet works with Toon Boom software. I purchased the tablet and it came recently (last wednesday)

To my surprise, it works wonderfully on Flash, great even. No lag at all.

But IT does NOT work on Toon Boom. If you have this and it works on Toon Boom, Let me know how you did it!

Thats the main reason I bought this thing.


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Hey kreedosF_98764,
I’m using a MSP19U to draw in Animate Pro 2. The responsiveness is excellent but I don’t have any pressure sensitivity. I didn’t do anything special to get it working, just made sure I had deleted all previous tablet drivers. Hopefully a driver update will fix the pressure issue soon!
ps. I’m using a 2012 Macbook Pro running 10.7.5