Yiynova Msp19u Pen/brush widely off center when touching the screen on the canvas

Hi, I tried to use the toonboom advance harmony trial but I came across an issue with using the program. When ever I try to draw with the brush or pencil on my tablet the curser is vastly off center. I can hover the pen over the screen of my table let to move the curser across just fine but when I try to touch the tablet the curser is off center by a lot. I have no issues when I use any other drawing program like manga studio or drawpile, only with toonboom. I would greatly appreciate the help.

None of the huions tablets are supported officially so you may get glitches like this. Try one thing: unplug all the other monitors (or disable them in device manager) except the tablet and see if that works.

wow thanks, that actually worked

Yeah it’s a known problem with huions. They have to make driver app specific fixes for it to not do this when you use a multi screen setup. Otherwise it does what you see.

It’s the uc-logic drivers that’s the problem ! But yeah the only way to not have a cursor offset and pressure sensitivity with these uclogic tablets is single monitor display… been like that for years and they will not fix it… shame.

So, how would this work for someone with a laptop? Maybe just closing the laptop and using only the secondary tablet monitor? That’s pretty awful.

I get that it’s easy to “prove” that it’s these drivers. However, it’s also easy to prove the case for how the drivers are used. Same drivers, Photoshop and Illustrator don’t have this offset issue. So apparently, there’s some code to be done from Harmony to work in a similar way using the same drivers.

OK, so I’ve found if you right-click the icon, go to Properties and enable the checkbox for Run As Administrator (please don’t ask me why…) that it will not have the “offset” drawing issue. However, it does not seem to listen to pressure sensitivity. Since I’m evaluating Harmony, I’m wondering if this is the case for everyone or if it’s an unpleasant side effect of this fix. Does anyone have a fix for the pressure sensitivity?

Did you try unchecking “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support”
from the “Advanced” tab of the Harmony Preferences?
You need to close and re-open Harmony after doing this.

Try Toonboom’s edit> preferences>advanced>tablet support , uncheck “use Qt wintab support”

Then, re-start Toonboom.

Happy animating!