Yet again Harmony will not accept license even though it gives me the green light

I hate to be a whiner…well maybe not…but this is really nuts that EVERY time I install on OSX the FLEX license craps out. I am told clearly by Harmony dialogue that all I have to do is start…but no it will not…unlike Windows 7 to Windows 8 which simply works Harmony simply does not work, EVER, without endless tech support.

Having an App accept license and start is the most basic of all actions.

Come on guys, Harmony is amazing with Maya and all Apps have had problems with OSX 10.9 but it’s always a problem with OSX.

Can you please change your license software to something that is modern and works? Harmony is not cheap…but your license policy is stingy. Autodesk offers one seat on 2 computers but you offer One seat only on one computer and this means endless tech support issues…

Upgrades by Apple will cause problems but this is a problem with your stingy license policy. I have 3 licenses…I have a long list of licenses for your other software but always there are problems with Apple.

Please, do something to upgrade your license software…to match the price we pay.

Yet again I am caught on a holiday with no way of simply activating one of my three licenses.

Happy 2014.