Yellow Logs Appear On My Screen?

I’m having trouble with the yellow words on my screen. I tried looking for solutions online but I couldn’t find any. Can anyone please tell me how to turn off the yellow-colored logs on the screen?

I have already tried re-installing the software but the error still shows.


Try resetting your Harmony Preferences (WINDOWS), close Harmony first.
Open File Explorer and check ‘Hidden items’ under View. Then go to folder (C:)>Users>YOUR_LOGIN_NAME>AppData>Roaming>Toon Boom Animation>Toon Boom Harmony (Version). You will see a folder ‘full-2100-pref’ rename it to ‘oldfull-2100-pref’ for backup, also maybe backup the layout one to. Now start Harmony and see if you are still having the issue.

It works, Thank you very much