Yellow and Red Handles are Gone for Moving Keyframe Exposure when Using a Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Hi! I had a question. I use harmony 15 on a mobilestudio pro and when I use to pass the pen over the keyframes in the timeline, these yellow and red handles would appear that would allow to either move or extend the exposure of a keyframe in the timeline. But then all the sudden the handle stopped appearing. If anyone knows anything about it, it would be much appreciated.

If it is the onionskin range in the Time Line, it must be turned off when you were using the onionskin for key, Breakdown, or Inbetween on purpose since the onion skin for drawing is not related to the frame.
You can bring this back by unchecking (selecting) Camera Menu>View>Onionskin>Onionskin by Drawing in Harmony 15

I will definitely check it out thank you for your response I do appreciate it!

I found a toon boom tutorial video on Youtube that shows which handles I’m talking about. I had them at one point and then they just don’t show up anymore.