Xsheet interface oddness

My OS is Mac OS X (10.5.5) all the current updates for the video card, 2GB RAM.

The Xsheet bottom (where it says “Current: X:Drawing X Exp X Overwrite” (where X is a number) is cut off by a few pixels. It looks odd and unfinished when compared to the high-gloss of the other interface elements.

There’s a few layers that have exposures of a hundred frames, and when I’m scrolling down to the last frames, the bottom two rows repeat the same exposure. It makes sense that info is on the bottommost frame, but repeated? Don’t think so…

I’m trying to use some projects that I made in TB Studio. I did the SWF export from Studio and the Import to Animate. Since I’ll be re-creating the hierarchy and pegs, I dragged the drawings out of the Pegs and deleted all the pegs. So I have a boat load of layers that were originally in the SWF.
And if I change the Name of one of these layers (as the User’s Guide and other training materials say), it also changes every other layer with the same name appended with a dash and Number. so if I change the name of the Water Layer, every other layer gets changed to “Water-1, Water-2” and so on.

When I change the name in the timeline, everything’s okay – only the selected layer gets the new name. It’s only when I change the name in the Layer Properties window that this “auto-renaming” occurs.

But for any layer that I created “natively” in Animate, I can change its name any way I want, and only that layer gets renamed.

I’ve reproduced this behaviour (adding the ‘u’ just for you guys :wink: ) with other imported SWFs – ones with the pegs intact and deleted. Same renaming results.

Hope I included enough info, if not lemme know!

Back to learning about Animate.


Ok first little explanation about how the swf import works. When you import an swf inside of Animate it only creates on single element which is duplicated as many time as you have layers. Everything is linked to one single element so when you do rename your element it will rename all of the others along.

This also means that you will have access to every single drawings that were part of the SWF through the cell swapping in each of your layers.

To avoid this situation we strongly recommend that you do exports of each layers independently from Studio. This will make a break between the element allowing you to organize your material more efficiently. This behavior you are experiencing can also be noticed TBS (if you reimport the swf in TBS you should get the same thing).

Now concerning the bottommost frame issue you are having I would need to actually see what you are talking about for I am not sure I fully understand the situation.

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First off, here’s a screen capture of the Xsheet window:


There’s still about 100 or so frames to go , but on the last two lines (for frames 87 & 88) the info is repeated.

And you can notice the “cut off” at the very bottom of the window. This behavior is repeated when the xsheet is a docked window.

As far as the imported SWF issues, Thanks for the info. Cleared a bunch of things up. One workaround that I’ve found in the time since my first posting is to just copy the exposures of the layer (that was from the imported SWF) and paste them into a new (blank/empty) layer. That seems to break the connection to the swf (so far) and avoids having dozens of SWFs to deal with.

Thanks for the reply!


As you figured out the cut off thing is related to the fact that the last cell is currently partially cut down (even if you are only missing the line of the bottom the cell). If you rescale the window or move the slider you will notice that last frame will show and hide depending on where the window cut down the xsheet.

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Okay, so it’s supposed to work like that. That’s cool w/me.

Case closed, afaic.

And there’s always a "but…"

At the very bottom of the window, where it says “Current: Huh…” just looks to me to be cut off at the bottom and screen right – I have yet to see the ‘e’ in “Overwrite” when the Xsheet is in its own window. And the Exp. counter has to be clicked just so or I either go to my desktop or if the Xsheet is docked, the palette below it gets the focus. It seems as if the amount of space (pixel-wise) for the Mac “chrome” ( the border around windows and space for the resize thumb in the lower right of all Mac OS windows) just isn’t there. This isn’t a show-stopper, it’s mostly cosmetic, but it really (to moi) screams out “Unfinished” when compared to the slickness of the Animate interface overall.