Xsheet and beyond


I just upgraded to Animate and all looks fantastic!
Just a question (or two):

Does Animate allow printing of the Xsheet?

I also have Pencil Check Pro. Is there or will there be functionality between the two?


OKay! You can, as PCP saves as a .digital file (digital pro file)

But I am still wondering about the xsheet printing within Animate. PCP can, so that’s a good to know.

Its great to be able to use Toon Boom Animation softwares interactively, but a word of caution at this time as Animate is a new technology : please make a copy of your projects made with other Toon Boom software, and open that copy in Animate. This is a precaution to take to ensure that once you save that project in Animate, you will still be able to open the original in your other Toon Boom software.

Please apply this method of working until there is an official announcement of which Toon Boom solutions are fully compatible and interchangeable! If anyone sees an official statement, please post.