XP-Pen Display in Toon Boom Harmony Essentials

I recently got an XP-Pen Artist 22E and I love it. Unfortunately, like many others on the internet, I found that the pressure sensitivity did not work in Toon Boom, among other bizarre behaviours.

I got it to work perfectly with the following settings in Windows 10:

Right-click Toon Boom > Properties > Compatibility – turn on ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: Application’ and ‘disable fullscreen optimizations.’ ( not sure these did anything but reduce lag, but it’s working so I’m not messing with it. )

Open Toon Boom and go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, turn on ‘Use QT Wintab Tablet Support’

In Pen Tablet settings (driver app for Artist22E) click ‘Supports Digital Ink’

Then shed a single tear as you disconnect any extra monitors you have and reboot. Toon Boom will work as it should as long as you don’t reconnect another monitor (so far as I know, I’m just starting so this was step one for me). You can also go into display setting and under ‘multiple displays’ select ‘show only on 1’ or 2 or whichever monitor is the XP-Pen, to turn off your other monitor(s).

Hope this helps someone!! I’m really excited to begin learning Toon Boom again, even if I have to have tutorials and music up on a Chromebook :slight_smile:

EDIT: Windows 10 has a keyboard shortcut, [windows key] + [p] to quickly change the monitor settings. It’s almost like they knew this would happen…!

Thank you for sharing!

does this fix
Parallax with toon boom? cause i was experiencing extreme parallax with the brush.

Hey, does this method work with Mac OS X? Is it still working for you? Please, I really need to know!

UPDATE: Luckily, you don’t even have to follow this method for the latest model of the 22E on Mac. I got my model recently, and its working with Toon Boom Harmony really well. I’ll give you guys an update however if it stops working. But so far, really awesome! :smiley: