XP blocks websites from showing flash animations

I’m new to ToonBoom and so far I love it, but one question: by default, Windows XP (SP2 with IE6) blocks ToonBoom flash animations in my web pages. It allows flash animations from other sites, but perhaps they have been pre-signed or something?

It is easy to click on the yellow bar and tell the browser to accept the download, but I cannot expect visitors to my web sites to do this.

Is there any way to make ToonBoom flash files display automatically on web pages, even with XP, SP2, IE6?

Typical newbie. Post first, experiment later. It turns out I* was too hasty. I was testing my site locally, and Flash animations were blocked. But after FTP-ing my site, Flash works perfectly. Sorry for wasting your time.

Maybe the offline-online difference should be in a beginner’s FAQ?

each experience counts :slight_smile: be thanked for your tip.