XML Communication - Is it a "hot potato" situation?

Hello everyone,

The production I’m on is working with XMLs (or at least we are trying to). We’ve had a lot of issues, but for the most part have been able to tackle them. Here’s what we learned so far in our troubleshooting adventures:

  • You cannot use multiple versions of sequences in your edit, or else the XML that gets sent back will have blank panels

  • Meaning: you CANNOT send tracked XMLs

  • You cannot have new comped panels created in the edit/any new assets that weren’t originally delivered from SBP in the XML

  • It’s best not to have audio files with different sample rates as this can cause sync issues (e.g. sound effects, music, dialogue)

  • “solved” by exporting dialogue as ONE audio file, SFX as ONE audio file, etc

We are using Premiere 2018 (12.1.3 beta) as it seems to have solved some technical issues present in both Premiere 2017 and 2018 (created syncing and metadata issues respectively).

The issue now is that, due to our schedule, we need our artists to clean boards while the editors are working with the rough version of the SBPro project (for example, v1). Our artists are JUST cleaning. They aren’t adding scenes, or even panels. However, they may add dialog/action notes and do save their projects as a new version (v2).

When we tried importing the editor’s XML into the clean SBPro project (v2) it did not work. I even tried to rename the file to reflect what the rough board version was (using “save as”) (v2 renamed as v1), but it still didn’t work. When I imported the XML into the original rough project (v1), it did. Meaning, our XML was not broken.

We want to know if there is a way/work around to get the XML to work with cleaned projects or if it is a “hot potato” situation where if the project is with the editor, NO ONE should be touching it until it’s sent back to us (and vice versa). Otherwise, the artists would have to conform manually. If possible, we’d like to avoid that.

Thank you.