Xara Xtreme Pro to Toon Boom Studio tutorials

I just completed a set of three video tutorials on how I integrate Xara Xtreme Pro with Toon Boom Studio. The tutorials include basic character construction in XXP and how to get it into TBS. Then, how to separate the various pieces, rig and group them and finally, animate.

Check it out at my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/Zebtoonz.

Excellent job! I really like the fact that moving the image from Xara to TBS won’t cost you your layers, points, colors, or gradients. I very nice seamless work flow that I am going to start using. Thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, InfoCenter! Once I discovered how well the two work together I was off and running! I had been trying to animate in Anime Studio–I like a lot of their features–but, being principally a Xara artist, it was tough having to redraw everything. But now, with the great drawing tools and Xara and the animation tools in TBS, it works really well!