X sheet and Timeline has seperated from the Harmony Essentials screen.

Hi, I’m new to this, and during the last month I have accidently separated the X Sheet and timeline windows from the rest of the harmony essentials window. In other words, when I open the program both the X Sheet and timeline open up in two separate windows by themselves. Can someone tell me how join (snap) the x sheet and timeline back to the Harmony Essentials Main window?

Okay well, I think I figured it out. In order to get the timeline back I went up to the library and tool properties window and selected the plus sign, then selected the timeline. That brought up the timeline in a very confined space, so I dragged the timeline to the bottom of my main harmony window. I apologize but I can’t remember what I actually selected in order to drag it, but I was able to do it on my first try, so it is fairly easy to drag. For now I’m just going to leave the X Sheet as it is. I’m a little afraid of trying to bring it back in.