Wrong Software is Downloading

This is my first time ever registering a product with this website, and it is not going as smoothly as i had hoped. I bought Harmony 12 Premium, but when i entered the Activation ID that was given to me, it told me to download StoryBoard Pro. Obviously, StoryBoard Pro won’t download because i didn’t buy it. i entered the Activation ID several times, but it gives me the same response every time.
Any ideas?

Sign in into your Toon Boom Account.
Go to My Downloads.
Your purchased Harmony 12 Premium Order with License Key and Download Link should be there.
If you just purchased Harmony a few minute ago ?
It might take a little while until the software appears in your account.
Otherwise, contact the Toon Boom Team…

This appears to be a mistake of some sort.

I have notified our web team to look into it and correct the problem.

Hi There,

Sorry about that, your license was registered as a Storyboard Pro License. I changed it to a Harmony 12 Premium License, everything should work now. Please visit the My Download section to download your product.

Sorry about the inconveniences.

Thank you,