wrong documentation openGL preferences

The videoturtorials and the PDF documentation on setting preferences before using deformation tools are not using the same preferences that exists in Animation Pro 3. I can not find “Use Hardware Vertex Texture Fetching” nor “Real-time Antialiasing”. Please help or I just have try different variations.

I have read that changes were made in this area between version 2 and 3.

Most of the tutorials were created with version 2 or earlier. Because the majority of processes are the same the tutorials are unlikely to be redone using version 3.

I see that the first part to take care of is no longer relevant:
“The Setting the Performance Preferences…
2. Choose the OpenGL tab.
3. In the Settings section:
‣ Enable the Use Hardware Vertex Texture Fetching if Available
4. In the Real-Time Antialiasing section:…”

The Deform section instructions (version 3) only state: (Chapter 9: How to Use Bone Deform of the Getting Started Guide and Chapter 13: Creating a Basic Deformation Rig of the User Guide)

"To create a basic deformation rig:

  1. You must set up the Performance Preferences. See note above. After you have done this continue to step 2.
  2. In the Preferences panel, under the Deformation tab, disable the Automatically Create New Deformer Structure for each Pose/Drawing."

In the software there is an item to check and uncheck under the Preferences/Deformer tab called Deformation Creation: “Automatically Create New Deformer”