Write Your Film.... project update.

A few months ago, i launched a project that involves working with school kids, turning their written stories into animated videos narrated by the students themselves. here is the promo video:

i am glad now to announce that we had conducted our first school screening on the 8th of December 2013 and it was a success! it was the largest voluntary project i worked on and coordinated. had a great team of volunteers working with the students and the school administration. four other artists volunteered their time and art into this project.

here is the first released video, i animated myself, make sure you turn on caption to read the subtitles:

total of five stories were screened and will be subsequently uploaded. we intend to continue on to phase two and animate stories from the 7th grade at the same school. with plans of expanding to other schools in the areas.

feedback on the animation and the project would be appreciated!