write node scripting problem

hello, i have to made a script with automatically creates a write node on each layer selected, now, i found it on Lucas Haley site, and it works, but it has a TGA4 export settings in it, i need to set the export options to QuickTime-Uncompressed…
i found a method here https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/support-and-troubleshooting/scripting-problem but doesn’t work…


  1. Do you have a direct link to the script with the TGA4 export settings?

  2. I managed to run the second script properly. What did not work for you?

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this is the link
it may not work making copy/paste, i re-wrote it in the editor…
i tried to adapt the second script in the TGA one, but i have some problems:
-i need to have the output named exactly as the layer
-i need to export in quicktime animation, uncompressed, with million colors+.at best quality.

i tried the method described but i can just create the write node with quick time export set, but the filename and the output settings are the default ones…


I tried modifying the second one.
(Unfortunately, the script is to long for one post.)

Let’s see if it works.

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I realised that the viedo settings were not set to the most uncompressed possible result.

Here is the updated v3 of the script.

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thank you for your help… now the .mov setting are working…
the only thing that i can’t manage is the correct name attribution for the output movie,
i need that the output movie get the layer name…
in the TGA write node script it’s resolved
// create filepath
var rootPath = “//Path/to/output”;
var sceneName = scene.currentScene();
var shortSceneName = sceneName.substring( 0, sceneName.length - 3 );
var writeNodePathLocation = rootPath + shortSceneName + “/” + nodeName + “/” + shortSceneName + “” + nodeName + “”;

     // set write node properties
     node.setTextAttr( newAdd, “DRAWING_TYPE”, 0, “TGA4” );
     node.setTextAttr( newAdd, “LEADING_ZEROS”, 0, “3” );
     node.setTextAttr( newAdd, “DRAWING_NAME”, 0, writeNodePathLocation );

how can i set the same thing (or similar) for the movie output?



did you already try to render out your write nodes created with script v3?
It normally creates .MOV files that are named like the layers.

thank you very much!!!
is exactly what i was looking for!!!



You are welcome.


The download has expired and I tried to read and follow the thread, but it failed. Sorry, can you send it to me?

Hello i am trying to do the same task did you have the modify script ???
i am a begginer so i don’t know how to modify the Lucas Haleys script …

if you can help me …
Thank you