Write module - How to define the "end frame"?

Hello everyone.

So, I have all these different write modules, each one is rendering a different drawing animation on png4 sequence. I need to know how to set up so each write module stops rendering at a certain frame that I define.

There is no way to limit the number of frames that will be rendered over multiple write modules. The best thing to do here is render three times selecting the frame range to be rendered each time with the correct write module enabled.

Well, that sucks.
Thats s a feature request, then, toonboom wizards. I use harmony to create animations for the games I develop, and when I m rendering my character sprites, it would help A LOT If there was something in the write module to define the “start” and the “end” of that write module.
For example, i have one write module for each on of the 30 animations my character does, like jump, attack, die, walk, etc…
I wish i could just go file - render network, and see the magic happen.

I imagine that possibility would be useful with your workflow. I think many people would do those animations as separate scenes, so they wouldn’t need to render selected frames on each write module.

On Harmony Network you have more flexibility, because you can add frames to the Queue and select where to start and where to end, but I don’t think you can do that for different write modules per scene.

It’s not as practical, but if you have the different actions in different modules grouped to a composite and write module sequentially on your timeline, you could put them all on the start of the scene, overlapping. You’d have to delete manually the extra frames of the shorter actions though.

Luis Canau