Write module default settings

I have 22 scenes that I need to render image sequences for. Is there any way to set the default settings for the folder, filename, leading zeros, and drawing type? It just gets to be a drag to go through each of those and set them manually, i.e., I always use PNG, 001, name my files according to the scene number, etc.

I’m using Harmony but I believe the layer properties of the Write module are the same for Animate.

WHOOPEE!!! Thanks so much, Lilly! “There is a script…” You mean you just wrote it. Thanks! :smiley:

Zeb, you can customize the script icon: Configure Write Node, done by Lilly,
downloading this image in:


Here, I´ve uploaded other icon for the script: import illustrator as separate layers, other Lilly´s script that works very fine in ANI2 and ANIPRO2, in:


The script: import illustrator as separate layers, was done in:

For done the icons in the toolbar, download and locate it into a new folder with an appropiate name for search it later.
Next, go to manage scripts, in the toolbar, select the script to change the icon, click in the Customize icon button and search the folder to locate the icon, open the image and apply it. It´s small contribution for all users to the forum.


Hey, thanks for the icons, Yoryo! I still think it would be nice to have a section for scripts either here on the forum or on the TB site, perhaps in the Resources or Tips section. It would be nice! The scripts and icons and a brief description of what each one does.

I agree with you Zeb, all these contributions are very beneficial to streamline processes to help us get the best results using the software, and achieve the best artistic expression and deserve to be together and organized for quick reference.
Thanks again to Lilly, that always brings something new with their scripts and tutorials.

Best Regards.

Yes there is, actually. You can do this with a script. I wrote a little script for you to use:

//This script is to configure a selected Write node based off the variables
//defined by the user below
//Written by Lilly Vogelesang, Feb 24, 2011

function configureWriteNode() {
var myPath = “/Users/Lilly/Documents/TestFolder/”; //specify HERE where you want the base path to be
var sceneName = scene.currentScene();
var writeNodePathLocation = myPath + sceneName + “-”; //here I am going to have it use the Scene Name to label the frames

for ( var i=0; i < selection.numberOfNodesSelected(); i++) {
var nodePath = selection.selectedNode(i);
node.setTextAttr(nodePath, “DRAWING_TYPE”, 0, “PNG”); //specify HERE the drawing type
node.setTextAttr(nodePath, “LEADING_ZEROS”, 0, “2”); //specify HERE the number of leading zeros
node.setTextAttr(nodePath, “DRAWING_NAME”, 0, writeNodePathLocation);

Now to use the script, you can enable your Scripting toolbar. Go to Edit Scripts, then create a new script, and copy and paste that text in there. Then you want to go back to the Scripting toolbar, to the second button, Manage Scripts, and you want to assign the script to a button. Then to use it, just select the write node and push the button, and voila!


Oh and I should specify, the script should work with Animate Pro and Harmony, but not with Animate, because you can’t access the Network View in Animate to be able to select the Write node.


I did indeed. Once you figure out how to do these things, it doesn’t take too long. I had another one lying around that did something similar, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think what I’ll do is I’ll create a bucket in here that’ll be permanently locked, that way I can just throw scripts in there myself and not have it get clogged up with users posting in there by mistake.