wow i love it !

ok i think it has great script plus very fine face expressions but same time alot of hand sketches are involved in it …over all to me it looks like some advance animation is done on face and walkcyle scene etc… …but i think there is more sketches as compare to animation …look at the movement of hands …u will find new view of hand each time …i think the power of this clip lies on sketches ! am i right ;D

The cartoonist/animator whos work you admire is Bernard Derriman. He lives in Australia and is a very accomplished former Disney Studios character animator. Here is a list of his film credits. He also has work published on other websites. Squetch is his site as well as Arj & Poopy. You can also find some early web animation pieces of his on this site FunnyAzHell.

His most famous web animation short is called “everyone’s had more sex than me” and the dancing rabbits are really well done characters. Bernard works in very traditional methods of hand drawn character animation mostly using the brush tool to draw directly into the computer. He doesn’t use cut outs. He is using pretty much the same drawing skills that he used on feature films at Disney Australia except that he is working in Flash although his techniques would also be perfect for Toon Boom. -JK

thank u Jk for all these info and links , im dying to see some quality cut out animation clips …please suggest me some great cutout animation clips to watch …

I think Mark Osberg did a great job with cut outs on his Three Little Maids cartoon , it’s the May 25th, 2006 post on his blog Toon Hoon. Check it out it is all cut out animation and very lively. It was made in Flash but easily could be made in TBS as well. Here’s some background material Mark wrote about cut outs.5 tips by Mark Osberg These tips are very general and apply to cut outs more than Flash. Actually cut outs are more difficult to manage in Flash, but this cartoon is a great example of getting the most from the least and still creating energetic characters. -JK

yeah ur right this cut out animation technique is easy in studio as compare to flash …unfortunately these blogspot sites are not opening at my end , i hv tried 2 isps …i dont know where the problem lies , anyway thanksalot for all these very interesting information :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

One of my favorite is Adam Phillips. His site is Bitey Castle.

There are two set of movies, the BiteyMovies and the Brackenwood Movies.

Amazing stuff. Look at the the Yuyu and the Little Foot. He also won numerous award with the hitchHiker.

He’s also working at Disney Toonz (Disney Studio in Australia).